Prices und Guidelines für Physik Mobile (EN DE)

2 hours Experimenting - up to ten children: 250€
Additional child: 15€
Additional cost for material might apply
Additional cost for Drive from 76709 Kronau resp. 63128 Dietzenbach: (0.5€ per km, 50€ max)

Range of action: Physik-Mobile covers the Rhein-Main-Region as well as the Rhein-Neckar-Region.

Your event will take place in a space provided by you (Room, hall, gym, garden, etc) Depending on the selected program access to running water or to the outdoors might be necessary.
Special arrangements must be made for large groups so that each participant has the best possible experience.

Special pricing is possible

One-on-one Physics, Mathematics, online, grades 10-12: 50€/60 min

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Last modified: 2018/09/01